Journey, Only a Story

First day and Last day

Kids, sometimes you realized the journey you’ve been taking has reached its final stop. So the question becomes: Where do you go next? (Ted Mosby, HIMYM S0716)

Yes well, every journey has its first and its last. And the thing is, you have to be sure to each steps you’ve taken.

After 4 months binding in the editorial world, finally I end it. It’s not because I don’t like it, I just.. feel.. that.. I have to take another chance. Allah always give the best for us.

And for these 4 months. I got a lot of experiences, great friends, great chance. Alhamdulillah. Sometimes I think maybe I took the wrong path being there, but after I really end this, I know that I’m not wrong. Once again, the best way from Him.

Funny thing is, entah kenapa hari pertama dan terakhir saya berada di sana setting-an nya mirip. Saat hari pertama saya datang kesana, melakukan serangkaian tes dan interview, sampai dinyatakan diterima di sana. I felt awkward, misty, and hesitate. Did I do the right thing? Saat hari terakhir saya pamit di sana, perpisahan, foto-foto, say goodbye, dikasi kado, dll. I felt that too. Was it right?

Hari pertama dan terakhir di sana, adalah pulang kantor tersore saya, jam 17.30 saya baru keluar daerah kantor. Mendung, hujan rintik-rintik, dan macet. Hari pertama dan terakhir di sana, sama-sama momen di mana saya pulang sampai Dahlia TownHouse Lebak Bulus cukup malam dan suami udah menunggu karena sudah sampai duluan (padahal biasanya saya yang selalu pulang duluan). Mungkin kebetulan yang sebenarnya biasa, tapi entah perasaan saya yang sensitif ga jelas.

Yang jelas, all these series have been the part of my life. I enjoyed it, and I thank Allah… I’m gonna miss all my great fellas and all moments there (sweet and also bitter moments, hehehe)

Then, another journey begin: I have to start my first day again. This March. Bismillah.. Wish me luck 🙂

*Actually I’m not ending it for good, I get offered being freelance editor, and I take it.

2 thoughts on “First day and Last day”

    1. Njuuuulll.. maaaapss.. aku teh mo crita kalo pasti udah pindah ke bpom teaa.. pengen ktmu njul cerita2 panjaaangg knp akhirnya milih disiniii..hukshuks…

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