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The Big Blog Exchange – New Project

Haihaiii.. aloha..

I found this interesting competition from friend in Facebook group. I read the term and it seems interested. I think maybe I can try it.. yah nothing to lose. Maybe this is my time to go around the world.. maybe this is my chance.. It’s all about maybe. But, at least I’ve tried.. so I won’t regret in the future.

So here it is.ย I’ll promote my blog in the Big Blog Exchange. and I want you to help me.. vote for me please…

It’s easy.. just take 1 minute to vote me. This is the steps:

1. Click this link . Then there will be appear my page in the Big Blog Exchange.
2. Click vote, enter your email address, and then submit.
3. Wait for an email from The Big Blog Exchange, last click to confirm the vote.

Thank you for your time for voting me..

Maybe my blog it’s not an amazing nor interesting blog. My blog just a tool for me to express anything. The good thing in the blog that you can found is, I honestly honest in write anything in this media.

So, please enjoy.. wherever you are.. wherever you come from..

Wish me luck guys ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “The Big Blog Exchange – New Project”

    1. aamiin… makasih tedjoooo ๐Ÿ˜€
      hahaha.. iya berkelana biaya sendiri bareng sama Runa –> todong suami, asah2 golok dulu :))

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