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Exploring Hongkong

My first time flying far from Indonesia was to Hongkong. I joined the ACCP  2012 (Asean Conference on Clinical Pharmacy). I went there with one friend from pharmacy, and also with my husband, who wouldn’t let me go without his supervision because I was in my 3 month pregnancy.

Yes, I went to HK not only for attending the conference, displaying my poster, and presenting it; but also for exploring the city :P. There are many new things I learned there. At first I wanna share my experiences by words, but it may takes much time. So I just share couples photos here.


We almost had to take a walk to be arrived in destination. The road is narrow and crowded with people, everybody take a walk! There are many public transportation: big bus (behind us) -try to sit on the upstair, it’s cool-, minibus, MRT, tram, ferry, taxi, etc.

Hongkong BusHongkong Bus

hongkongWe should cross the sea to reach the conference spot at HKCEC (Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center), we took Ferry from Tsim Sha Sui to Wanchai.

ferry hongkongIt’s kinda hot in Hongkong in July. But the view keep us smiling πŸ™‚

hongkong MTR

Hongkong MTR (Mass Transit Railway), it’s really mass, rapid, and fast! I like this transportation. (later I will post MTR map). Anyway, I did not look like I was pregnant in that photo, the fact is I was in my 3 month pregnancy πŸ˜›

Anyway, you don’t have to worry to use all public transportation in Hongkong. There’s a simple way to pay MTR, bus, and ferry. Just for one click then it’s done. We use an Octopus Card. The shape’s card is like an ATM card. You can refill the amount of the card. And the card is available in public spot everywhere in Hongkong: 7eleven, Wellcome, Park,  Customer Service Centre, also machine add value at MTR station. (I hope Indonesia will create card like this someday, aamiin).

octopus cardThe Octopus Card

hongkong directiondirection Hongkong

What I like about Hongkong is the direction. It’s really helpful for tourists

Hongkogn ParkHongkong Park. There’s a park in the middle of high and big buildings in Hongkong

The Peak TramThe Peak Tram, we climbed to the peak, saw Hongkong view from the top. At The Peak we can visit Madame Tussaud and also Sky Terace.

The Peak TowerThe Peak Tower. We can find mall, restaurant, cafe, shop, etc.

Hongkong ViewMe and My Husband in the top of Hongkong view.

That’s all for today…. see yo next time

to be continued

3 thoughts on “Exploring Hongkong”

  1. Mbak, minta emailnya mbak monik boleh gak.. Saya mau ngobrol dan tanya banyak soal perjalanan mbak di hongkong.. Trimakasih mbak sblmnya ☺😊

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