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Your Smile

Maybe I haven’t traveled the world yet, I haven’t felt the gentle of the snow in my hands, I haven’t crossed the continent, I haven’t seen the color of new culture. Or I haven’t explored the beauty of this country. Maybe..

But it’s not a worry since I still can see your smile everyday in my life


It’s not a big deal since I still can see your laugh day by day

foto dede ktawa


It’s not even a worth since I still can hug you in my arms and feel your little fingers try to reach me


It doesn’t bother me since I still can hear your spoiled cry in the morning when you wake up and you want me to hold you hurry, so you can feel warm and continue your sweet dream


It doesn’t matter.. since I have you… Your smile is the brightest gift from Allah..that’s the world for me ūüôā

Love you always, Bunda

PS: ini kayanya sindrom ibu-ibu setelah melahirkan 50% cintanya ke suami pindah ke anak, hahahaa..


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