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Back to school: Dutch government reduces the restriction against coronavirus

On Monday 6th 2020, Dutch government has released new measure against this pandemic situation. Several of the restriction will be reduced start on May 11th 2020.

It seems that we can feel the air of little freedom. The coronavirus is now under control, the number is still high, but the case reduces per day. I did not know the exact number, to be honest. I am not the one of people who always update with the news. All the information I knew was from my husband, who always keep update with the news, and that is enough for me.

However, the government still emphasize that we have to remain follow the basic rule, it is important!


Primary schools, including special primary schools, and daycare providers will reopen on 11 May

Runa is so excited about this! She said that she can’t wait to meet again her friends, and do activities at school. Although, everything will not be the same. There are several rules set up by the school. A long list of rules:

All the classes are divided into two small groups. Every day there are two blocks in which the same lessons are given. The morning shift 8:30 am – 10:45 am and the afternoon shift 11:45 am – 2:00 pm. In between of the shift, the school will be cleaned. Runa is in the afternoon shift, which we thought is an advantage, since Runa does sahur and fasting. The duration of fasting in here is quite long, around 17 hours. In this lock down situation, Runa did very well with her first shaum, she can complete several days for full shaum! Barakallahufiik, anak solehah.

Of course parents should always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and from other children. Parents are forbidden to enter the school yard. We only can drop off and pick up the children in marked boxes outside the school yard. All children should enter and leave the square independently.

Sadly, we can’t bike again to school. Only children who live outside the district are now allowed to cycle, all other children come on foot. The distance between our house and the school is only 5 minutes by foot. We only need 3 minutes to be arrived at school by bike (with hurry haha). This is to avoid the crowd of people in the same time at school.


Senja and Runa also can go to their daycare. Usually Senja goes to the SKSG daycare for a full day (3 days) and Runa goes to the after-school daycare for only 2 days in the same days. It’s a bit worrying for us if the children go to the daycare for full time. In the other side, we are also struggling to balance the work-from-home situation with the children are being at home. We have to split our work hours, sometimes spare another time in the night/earlt morning or weekend (if necessary) to replace the non-productive hours during the work hours. It seems difficult, but somehow we pass through it, for almost 2 months!

After we had discussion how to manage this situation. We decided to cancel our contract in the daycare, both for Runa and Senja. We do not know what will happen next after all the children their “freedom”, there must be a lot of contact with each other. Most of the time, the children get flu, fever, cold, etc from the daycare. In the normal situation it was ok. But right now, we have to be more careful. Moreover, My husband and I still can do some work from home. We can stay with Runa and Senja. The government suggests to whom can work from home, just continue do it as much as possible. I do a dry lab for my research, so it’s not a priority for me to go to the office. The University prioritizes the researchers who must do experiment in the lab.


I hope this reduction of the restriction will be fine, no re-infection or increasing incidence of patients or mortality.

Ramadan barokah ya Allah, aamiin…

2 thoughts on “Back to school: Dutch government reduces the restriction against coronavirus”

  1. Somehow we all can manage thru this situation ☺ Yes, I still complaining most of the times, but there is no other way than just live with it. Now, I guess I can embrace this whole #newnormal. Yes, we can do this!

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