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Planet Omar Book Review

My daughter insisted me to read these books (she always does that when she thinks the book is super cool), turned out that, she was right! I loooooveee these books! I would recommend parents and kids to read Planet Omar.

It’s funny and hilarious, it’s unique (compared to other children’s books I have read), and really relatable for us: moslem, minority, living far away from our hometown, should raise children in this kind of situation.

The story is about Omar, a boy with a big heart, yet have a huge imagination in his daily live. Omar is a great character for a young moslem, how to overcome being different (religion, race, culture). He just normal kids who doesn’t always have the easiest time, he has to face bullies, unfriendly neighbour, difficult situation, etc. But he always believe that Allah is there to support him, in a simple and joyful way.

@zanibmian put the educative and religious touch in a clever way, about fasting, Ramadan, mosque, community, being nice to people, how to encounter bullies and problems as kids. And the sketches @synasaya throughout are really lovely to keep entertained.

I can understand that my daughter laughed a lot when reading it, I did it too. I had good discussion with my daughter about things that we found similar with our situation, about friends, school, about Islam. Even we argued which chapter is the funniest, and which book is the best. I like the first book, ‘Accidental Trouble Magnet’, and my daugther picks ‘Unexpected Super Spy’ as her favorite.


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