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Avond4Daagse – Groningen (Reitdiep)

Registration of Avond4daagse is now open!

That was the slight message that appeared in the school portal. This message attracted me since I am actually already familiar with the activity. However, we never join this event. And there was corona for two years, and we did not really pay attention to the extra activities outside school.

I thought maybe this would be an excellent chance to join. Without any doubt, I enrolled Runa for 5 km walking in Avond4Daagse, organized by the school in the Reitdiep neighborhood.

So, what is actually Avond4Daagse?
Evening4daagse is an initiative event of Koninklijke Wandelbond Nederland ([KWbN], a sports association in the Netherlands). The mission is to persuade the children as much as possible in walking activity. They move through the neighborhood during the evening time, for 4 days in a row. The idea is not only to promote a healthy lifestyle, but also to make them have an unforgettable ‘walking party’. And this event was passed from generation to generation. Almost every region or city in the Netherlands organizes this activity. Children from 4 years old and older can join, and also parents can participate (especially for small children). Older children can walk by themselves.

I like the idea of ‘growing’ the walking habit for children. Also, this activity really engages the children with their family and friends. As you walk together, you can chit-chat in a really casual way. Sometimes we are busy during the day, and by walking together, we can experience a calm and fresh movement.

In Reitdiep, this event was held from 16 May to 19 May 2022. We can enroll for 5 or 10 km. It is possible if we only want to join on the last day. The last day was very special because the whole family can join, Oma, Opa, sisters, and brothers. At the finish line, the children got a medal for their effort. The 10 km walk was started at 6 pm to 7 pm, and the 5 km walk was started at 6.30 pm to 7 pm.

Runa and Senja on the last day of avond4daagse
Runa and friends on the second day of avond4daagse

My husband accompanied Runa on the first day, I went on the second day, and we all walked together on the last day. We did not come on the third day because Runa had a sprain in her ankle. She had a rest for one day and continued for the last day. The start of walking is always from the school, they walk through different routes every day, and the finish line is also at the school. In the middle of the walk, there was a stopping point, the children got water, apples, or bananas. We were proud that Runa could finish 3 days of walking, despite her sprain. I knew that Runa was tired, but since she walked with her friends, she easily forgot how far 5 km was. My husband also brought the carrier with him, in case Senja was tired, and he could carry her in the back.

They got free ice cream!

The last day was more exciting because they walked shorter than the 3 days before. The children also got ice cream for free! Some people in the neighborhood came outside, when we passed along the route, they waved at us, and gave a cheer-up. They really appreciate the effort of the children. By the way, we did not prepare anything for Runa as a gift of her effort. Some parents prepared flowers, chocolates, or candies. Lucky us, that Lola’s parents had prepared beautiful flowers for Runa and Lola. Thanks a lot :).

Until next year! We will be happy to participate again!


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