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Tahfizh Al-Qur’an

For the last few months, me and my husband and couple of Indonesian students here gathered to learn Al-Qur’an in tahfiz and tafsir. The initiators for this activity are Mas Zaky and Mas Hegar (thanked for them). So, they opened registration for whoever want to learn Qur’an together. The teacher himself is Mas Zaky. He is a hafiz, understand Arabic verrry well, and he spent years of his¬†education in pesantren. He has noble aim to distribute his knowlede to us, to motivate us learn Al-Qur’an. May his deed become jariyah, Aamiin.

So, we started to study from the beginning of Qur’an, Al Fatihah and the Al-Baqarah. Why should start from the first Qur’an, why Al-Baqarah? not from the juz 30, it’s seems easier right? He said:

  • When you start with Al Baqarah, it will be easier to you to continue to another surah, because you can learn many vocabularies from Al-Baqarah, You will get use to remember all those arabic words
  • After you finish ¬†Al-Baqarah, it can give you more confident to memorize other surah. Al Baqarah is the longest surah in Al-Qur’an. You can say to yourself: I can finish Al-Baqarah which has 286 ayat, of course you can do it for other surah.
  • Memorizing Juz 30 is good (the short surah you may already know by heart, right?), but for the longer surah in juz 30? Yes, it difficult. Those words are poetic, incredible, it may harder to memorize those words/ayat.

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