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Nationale Voorleesdagen (National Reading Days)

Couple weeks ago, I received an email from Runa’s school. The title of the email is Informatie ouders Nationale Voorleesdagen SKSG Vuurtoren. The email of course in Dutch, heu. What was the email about?

Turned out that the school informed the parents about the National Reading Days (27 January – 6 February). They also told us the prentenboek van het jaar 2016 was: We Hebben we een Geitje bij!

Prentenboek (google translate: picture book) is a children book where text and illustrations complement each other and together tell a story. Usually the story is not too long, it has few text, also interesting pictures! This educational book intended to educate children. So, children can learn to read themselves or parents can read along with their children. The story in it has a positive purpose, bring satisfaction to the reader, or in short, a happy ending story.

Actually, not only the school that promote about the Nationale Voorleesdagen, but also kinder en jeugd centrum (posyandu), Het Dok (semacam kantor kecamatan), library, also book store, etc.  I also saw the commercial about the reading days and the prentenboek there.  Continue reading “Nationale Voorleesdagen (National Reading Days)”