[GJ] – Groningen’s Journal

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

Hi, welkom in het nieuwe deel van mijn blog! – welcome to the new part of my blog

I create this special part, named [GJ] – Groningen’s Journal, as a recording of my Groningen’s life. Not to mention that I want to show off or something, it’s just really bummer if I don’t store all the moments. This can be sweet memorable story from the part of my life.

Why’s GJ? In Indonesia,  GJ (read: geje) is abbreviation of ‘Ga Jelas’, it’s kind an uncertain condition or intangible things. So, this is just my random notes still to satisfy my writing hobby!

You can find stories about life in Groningen, college life, being mommy abroad, being mommy’s back to school, being Indonesian in Nederlands, being moslem overseas, my family life, a little bit of mumbling and bubbling, and so on!

Just enjoy the show. Geniet van de show!

GJ – a yippi yappy notes of Groningen’s life

Tot ziens!



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