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The Peak I’m in Love

Ok, this time, I’ll  continue my post before about Exploring Hongkong, So, the most popular site in Hongkong is The Peak. The peak is the highest point on Hongkong Island. What makes this place is special is the view. From where you stand, you can see skyscrapers,  Victoria Harbour, also all the way to the green hills of the New Territories. The view is gorgeous whether is day or night. Unfortunately, I just visited The Peak in the afternoon. I hope I can go back there in to feel the night sensation of The Peak.

Hongkong Skycrapers

There’s a big love-spot there, where you can write your love message, and hang up there.

The Peak

 The Peak I Love You

The Peak HongkongI wrote that, haha..

The Peak HongkongThe Peak I’m in love

So, if you go to Hongkong, whether you’re bring your love or not, just try to visit The Peak. For the one who bring the date, you’ll share your moment there and feel more in love with your partner. But for the single one, don’t worry you will just love The Peak. Because the moment is The Peak I Love You.

See ya..

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